5 more ways losing sales 2

5 More ways you’re losing sales

There are so many reasons you could be losing sales. Here are 5 more common reasons I see all the time when I consult for my clients. Once you see your sabotaging patterns we can fix them and make you a master selling machine – even if you hate selling! 1. You try to close…

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5 ways losing sales 2

The 5 Ways You May be Losing Sales

Are you feeling frustrated with the number of sales you’re closing. People who close a lot of sales do so because they take their time and truly understand a prospects problems then swoop in as the hero by providing the solution. If you’re doing any of these 5 common mistakes then you’ll lose more sales…

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5 Reasons you're wasting time networking

The 5 Ways you’re wasting time networking and sabotaging your success.

Business networking can be a time suck when you don’t do it properly. You can actually do more damage to your business by showing up in the wrong way, to the wrong places, expecting the wrong results. Do any of these 5 reasons that are wasting your time networking resonate? 1. You’re going to the…

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The 5 Worst Dining Etiquette Mistakes that Make You look Unprofessional

The 5 Worst dining etiquette mistakes that make you look unprofessional

Schmoozing over dinner and drinks is a long-honored relationship building tradition, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, your stock can plummet in just one meal. I sometimes wish people could go-pro their business dinners to see how bad it truly is in restaurants everywhere. Here are five ways you could blow the deal…

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how to create a target market identity

How to clarify your target market profile to make sales easier.

Have you found it difficult to truly clarify your prime prospect’s profile (or as the industry calls it your target market) and identify who you want to serve? As I talk with business owners and service professionals it’s obvious there is a lot of frustration around this topic. Perhaps you can relate. It’s easy to…

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Why sales dive off a cliff!

Have you ever wondered why your sales are not happening as fast as you’d like? Perhaps you’ve found yourself wishing that your marketing, sales and account management teams were all on the same page? These are the very issues I cover in this conversation with Todd Youngblood! 19 minute conversation with lots of insights to…

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Don't give up featured image

If at first you suck, don’t give up!

Imagine you’re driving along listening to talk radio and all you hear is silence. Not because of a technical glitch, but because the guest host for the next two hours sucks. (Please don’t be offended by my choice of words, nothing else quite encapsulates the essence of how bad it was.) The show began with,…

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Where's the Fine Line?

Not-so Fine Line Exists Between Action, Inaction

Taking action is necessary in business to make money. A vague statement and an obvious one at that, but then why do so many would-be entrepreneurs or professionals spend so much time talking about what they want to, could do, should do or would do if they only had X, Y and Z ready to…

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Discipline, Organization Key

How does a consultant create a multimillion-dollar solo practice, write 37 books and be at the pool by 2 p.m. most days of the work week? The answer: discipline and organization. My first exposure to Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting Group was three years ago when I read his best-selling book Million Dollar Consulting. He’s the…

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Speak Confidently,You Got This!-2

Overcome Your Fears and Speak Effectively

Jerry Seinfeld joked, “Most people would prefer to be in the coffin than giving the eulogy.” He was referring to the well-known statistic that people fear public speaking more than they do death. Even when I was a red-faced, shaky-voiced speaker dreading the podium, being alive was still preferred, but no doubt standing in front…

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